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Activ Dog Health – Our Story

Be Dog Health Wise

Activ Dog Health’s slogan “Be Dog Health Wise” was born out of necessity.  Founder Rhys and his Golden Retriever’s were having  sensitive stomach related health issues that are common amongst Golden Retrievers. The vets struggled to find a solution.

Activ Dog Health Co-founder Anita with her 25 years in the human health field arrived to try and help shed some light on all the health issues. Anita’s first comment was “fix the dogs gut and you fix the dog, it’s that simple” and from that Activ Dog Health was born.

About Active Dog Health

Activ Dog Health is an Australian-owned and manufactured boutique company with a strong focus to improve your loving pet’s overall health and well-being through a superior K9 Postbiotic.

Activ Daily, our first product to market contains four main probiotic strains providing your loved K9 friend with billions of healthy bacteria in a daily treat resulting in a healthier happier dog.

The benefits of giving your dog a high-end probiotic is not limited to general gut health, with vast improvements in such areas as skin conditions, Diarrhea,  Constipation, bad breath, infections, bloating, anxiety, stress, and immune system. To see the incredible results is truly amazing.

Activ Daily is a preventive means to keep our K9 friends healthy for less than a cup of coffee a day.

100% Natural Products

Our products are not only 100% natural but human grade as well, we use only the highest-grade Kangaroo meat, Sweet Potatoes, and Pumpkin for our delicious treats. In developing our product, one of our many criteria was to have something that was not only human-grade but also extremely tasty to the point that we could eat ourselves, and we did in testing. The treats taste like delicious Jerky.

(Treats should not be eaten by humans after the specific K9 probiotics have been added)

All dogs love our treats, we are SO confident they will, we offer a money-back guarantee on taste.